Monday, March 19, 2012

High Heels!!!

Shoes are the dream of every girl at least for once in her life! High Heels are the "every day" dream for every girl that can save a few money and buy a good pair of high heels!
What I have been doing is being only when I really want a pair of high heels, one that I will immediately fall in love and have dreams about it!
But what I hate here in Greece is that if I wear my high heels for one night or even for one or two hours then my shoes will be destroyed cause streets especially here are not made for walking in high heels you will either going to get hurt or destroy your shoes.. The choice is really yours! My solutions is not walking long distances in pavement which you know is destroyed or wear high heels from your car to the club!
Here are some images of high heels of different types that I liked! 
Have fun!!

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